In some cases, you might get the error of "Imprecise Measurement" on some PC. It is most likely related to non exclusive access to the UMIK-1 interface during a measurements (E.g. mouse clicks of such) making it imprecise for Dirac Live processing. Starting from Dirac Live Beta 3.10.1, Dirac team add Exclusive Mode support. Here are steps to reproduce. 

  • To improve the quality of measurements with microphones connected to Windows PCs, "WASAPI Exclusive Mode" will be activated by default in some cases.

  • To control whether "Exclusive Mode" is used or not in your case, and thereby override the default behavior, please follow these steps:

  1. Click the Windows button, type “env”, and hit Enter.

  2. Click the "Environment Variables..." button.

  3. Click the "New..." button under "User variables for <user>" (or select DAUDIO_WASAPI_NON_EXCLUSIVE and click “Edit…” if it already exists).

  4. Enter the following:


    • Variable value:
      “OFF” to enable Exclusive Mode
      “ON” to disable Exclusive Mode (the old behavior)

  5. Click "OK".

  6. Restart the Dirac Live application, and verify that it is possible to complete a calibration.