While it is indeed possible to use a 3rd party measurement microphone with Dirac platforms, we don't recommend that you do so. We've been running measurements for more than 15years and know a tidbit about measurements, troubleshooting, and the importance of that initial acoustic measurement of your room. 

Here are few facts you should be aware of: 

- The UMIK-1/2 has been approved by Dirac and miniDSP to operate with Dirac Live and provide consistent results. It's plug&play and just works. 

- Some 3rd party analog microphones might use some USB Microphone preamplifier that simply might not be compatible with Dirac Live with their drivers OR simply create some issues (inaccurate response). In such an event, our team wouldn't be able to provide support for any Dirac-related issues knowing the microphone isn't recommended by our team. 

Knowing the low cost of a UMIK-1, keep it simple, plug a USB cable into your PC/Mac and enjoy tuning rather than debugging some random 3rd party drivers. :-)