We get these questions very often so we thought that we'd take the time to do our best to answer them to the best of our effort. The standard questions are typical:
- Can I get Dirac Live for 192k or 384kHz or MHz...?
ANSWER: Unfortunately due to Dirac live high processing power requirements, above 96k processing would require a substantial amount of DSP power which we're not sure would be that beneficial in the end. There are always technical limitations when you add processing to a system and sample rate is one.

Dirac live does a lot more than high sample rate in a way that it's fixing room issues (i.e. 50% of your listening experience). Something that going from 48k to 384kHz will never be able to solve. A high sample rate just doesn't do much to solve the inherent issues of your room I'm afraid. For that reason, while we're biased, we're strong believers that a well-corrected room at 48k DSP is a lot better than an uncorrected room at 384kHz. We've done countless blind test DAC on this topic with extremely high-grade DACS. Room correction always wins so make sure to listen to it if you get a chance. :-)