The WIDG is a simple Ethernet to USB bridge allowing miniDSP USB device to be controlled over Ethernet. 

For our software to be able to "DISCOVER" the device, you do need to make sure that your firewall isn't blocking the discovery and control ports. Here are the 2 ports required to be opened: 

UDP 3999

TCP 5333

The UDP port 3999 is used to listen for the minidsp packages.

There could be 2 potential reasons why our software isn't discovering a WIDG + miniDSP product on your network. 

a) Firewall is blocking the UDP discovery packets on port 3999. You can disable your firewall to see if that does the trick 

b) There could also be some other application occupying the UDP port 3999:

1. Close all minidsp & dirac apps

2. Make sure the UDP port 3999 is not used by other software, by doing the following test:

Under Win10 terminal, you can check by opening command prompt and type:

netstat -ano | findstr 3999

If no output, it will be all good. Else, try to close the app which used those ports. The PID number will tell you which app is using the ports.

Under Mac OSx, you can check by opening Terminal and type:

netstat -anv | grep 3999