The miniDSP DC is currently compatible with the following DSP platforms:

  • Flex Eight
  • Flex Eight with Dirac Live (DL)

The following platforms will soon get access once our manuals/documentation is updated. 

  • 2x4HD
  • DDRC-24
  • Flex (RCA/TRS/Digital) series
  • Flex with Dirac Live (DL)
  • SHD series (all units)

We intend to release access to the miniDSP Device Console in the following order to allow for our team to completely redesign user manual and ensure a smooth transition for all existing customers.

Flex Eight/Eight DL (released) - > Flex Series - > SHD Series - > DDRC-24  -> 2x4HD 

Please be aware that, unfortunately, some of our older platforms won't be able to transition to the Device Console, either because they don't have the necessary hardware interface or because they are approaching the end of their product life cycle. Thanks for your understanding.