Transferring a Dirac license to a new user is very easy since the Dirac license is embedded inside the hardware. In other words, when you sell your unit (or acquire a "used" platform), a license transfer only involves our team enabling access to the software for the new owner. Here are some simple steps to be followed by the new owner. This process shouldn't be initiated by the previous owner. There "nothing" that is required from his side. 


If you've purchased a used Dirac Live platform. miniDSP will need to transfer software to your user downloads account. Here are the steps:

STEP#1: Create a miniDSP account

STEP#2: Contact us by providing the model# & Serial# of your Dirac live unit and we'll manually enable software access within 2working days under your user downloads.

STEP#3: Since you won't be sure of the status of the unit (firmware rev), we recommend that you update the firmware to the latest version in the user downloads as per our clear user manual steps.

STEP#4: Last but not least, make sure you read the User Manual to learn how to operate the unit.

Have fun!