Surely, the Flex HT/HTx can be used as an HDMI extractor! And much more thanks to its internal audio processing. 

An HDMI extractor is a device able to "Extract" the audio information from an HDMI stream. 99% of the HDMI extractors found you will find on the market took shortcuts with low cost audio converters that will compromise your audio quality. If you want to extract multichannel audio with the best audio quality, the Flex HT/HTx are here for you. 

The Flex HT has stellar audio performance in unbalanced RCA audio with low THD and high Dynamic Range. 

Flex HT 1k SINAD 231123

Flex HT DR 231123

The Flex HTx will perform even better with its balanced audio outputs. 


Flex HTx 1k SINAD 231117

Dynamic Range

Flex HTx DR 231117


THD+N Ratio vs Frequency

Flex HTx 20 20k THDN 231117