An AV Receiver (AVR) is an all in one unit with Processing (HDMI + Dolby/DTS Decoding + Audio processing) and multichanel Amplification in one box. The most common question we get is how can I tune/EQ my 7.1/Atmos setup. 

The short answer is that you can't unfortunately. The chain is such that you have Processing - > Amplification in one box with no way to "add processing" to the chain. The only channel where you could provide processing (and can already reap a lot of benefits) would be for your subwoofer(s). Please check out the following app note for more details on multisubwoofer tuning

The alternative where it is indeed possible to process multichannel audio for your Home Theater system would be if you are

using an AV Processor (AVP) where the chain goes: 

HDMI + Dolby/DTS Decoding + Audio processing + Analog audio outputs = AVP

You could then insert a miniDSP multichannel platform (E.g. DDRC-88A) before feeding some external amplifiers.