You just purchased a Dirac Live powered miniDSP platform(DDRC series /Flex with DL/ SHD) and you're ready to start your Room Correction journey! You click on the "START DIRAC LIVE" button on the miniDSP plugin and seeing the following warning:



You don't have an active license. Please purchase it here: to be able to use the software" 


No need to worry, you platform indeed does have the right license embedded inside the hardware. You don't need to purchase anything else. :-) 

This error comes up because the incorrect Dirac software is currently installed on your PC/Mac. 

There are currently two software from Dirac Research available under the Dirac Downloads section:

Dirac Live: Application used to control a processor that running Dirac live algorithm.  That is the miniDSP case scenario. 

Dirac Live Processor: Application used to process audio on your PC. That isn't the application you want as all the processing is done on minIDSP platforms. 

To sum up, if you get this error, simply uninstall the Dirac Live Processor application. Go back to user downloads section and install the basic Dirac Live software (first link on the top here)