This error could be coming from few reasons and mainly related to Dirac Live not getting the information he should be expecting when communicating with the miniDSP platform. Here are few things to look for: 

a) Your USB cable is too long. Dirac live has specific latency requirements so make sure to use a short USB cable OR a powered/active USB cable
b) You're using the front panel or the IR remote to modify the levels while doing the volume calibration process. Please don't use either as they will confuse Dirac Live with some message that it won't understand. 

Here are steps to follow
a) Close Dirac live and  Connect to your platform with your plugin
b) Click Restore - > Factory default from the miniDSP plugin
c) Now Click on START DIRAC LIVE button to start Dirac Live
d) Make sure that you don't use the IR remote/Volume control to setup Dirac Live. Just use the faders inside Dirac live volume calibration screen. They will do everything you need (Master volume + Mic). Do make sure to follow our volume calibration steps as per manual p26 (