Dirac Live is a room Correction technology by Dirac Research. It comes in various versions so best for us to clarify the differences so you can compare Apples to Apples. 

- Full Frequency vs low frequency: Dirac live isn't the same on all OEM platforms. Some manufacturers are shipping a basic version doing room correction only for 500Hz and down. The additional license for full range correction is an extra 99USD. @miniDSP, we ship all our units with the full range license. Zero additional cost to be included! 

- Sample rate: The sample rate will affect the cost of the license (and therefore the end product). In other words, if you want to compare Apples with Apples, make sure that you compare platforms with their actual  processing sample rate. i.e. Sample rate used to perform Dirac live. Even if you might have support for high sample rate, quite few manufacturers will run their processing at 48kHz. You can easily figure out from our platform the processing sample rate for your unit. DDRC-24/CDSP8x12/DDRC-88A/D runs at 48kHz while SHD series and DDRC-22D run at 96kHz. 

- Dirac Live Bass Correction (DLBC): This new add on provides automatic tuning for the subwoofer(s) and is a neat add on for processors with limited flexibility. Knowing we already have an advanced DSP toolbox giving you all the tools to do 2.1/2.2 and multisub configurations, we have yet to add DLBC to our options.  Note that it's not a hardware limitation, it's a simple software update and we may consider it in the future. :-)