Due to the recent change of import rules, we have received quite a lot of requests from our customers regarding custom clearance. Please understand that there are documents required from both the mailer and the receiver. miniDSP will always provide all documents (Invoice/Custom info) to FedEx/DHL ahead to simplify customs clearance.  In 90% of cases, all parcels will clear quickly and make their way to you. 

Note however that in some rare cases there are limitations from our side as we cannot help the receiver (i.e. you as the customer) to fill in the form needed from him/her as it may contain personal information such as tax ID. 

If you ever received a message from your local courier (FedEx/DHL) saying your package is being held, please contact them immediately and they will help finalize custom clearance. Of course, if you have any questions, we'd be happy to help, and feel free to contact our support team.

In most cases, the courier will give a 1 to 2 weeks window to gather the needed documentation. If they did not receive the required information before the deadline, the courier can decide either to ship the parcel back to us or they can choose to destroy the parcel. If the parcel ends up returning to us, please note that we will have to charge extra shipping costs that are required.