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Diraclive 2x4 for car audio

Sterling — Feb 15, 2017 06:08AM HKT

Is it possible to integrate the Diraclive 2x4 into a full active car stereo, before another processor like the 8ch MiniDSP.

So the Diraclive unit would modify the full range left and right signal, then the 8ch DSP will break it up, and allow for further customization of sound.

Is this possible?
Would it be benificial?

1 Community Answers

Tech support team - Feb 15, 2017 at 01:01PM HKT

miniDSP Agent


Thanks for your interest in our products.
Sure, I don’t see a reason why not and been done few times (check out the forum). You would want to make sure that your active system (i.e. 8ch DSP handling the break out) has been time aligned correctly first. Check out this app note for some examples:

Hoping this info helps.

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