Upgrade miniSHARC to DDRC

Is it possibile to upgrade miniSHARC board to DDRC plugin with "OpenDRC upgrade to DDRC". If so, is it possible to do it at home or do I have to send you a miniSHARC board? Regards, Jarek

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I2S question

If I have miniSHARC and Digi-Fp as input cards, can I pick out the I2S signal on miniSHARC as output?

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minisharc do not work with open DRC 2X2

I set my minisharc board the input slave mode ,it working properly with minisharc 4x8,but when i upgrade with OPENDRC 2X2 I just get a very lager noise,even I didn't change any of the wires as minisharc 4X...

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Can't change config with remote using vol-fp with minisharc

Can't change config with remote using vol-fp with minisharc and minidac8. I get a green tick when I learn the ir code. So it should work i guess. Volume is working great. I have tried many different re...

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Two Toslink Input Sources

Is it possible to connect two different Toslink Input Sources and Switch with IR Remote or external selector? I would like to connect the TV and the Mediaplayer via optical Toslink.

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extend the Vol FP Cable

my mini shark is about 5m away from my desk, whare i want to control the volume. Can i Extend the Cable via a 5m long Cat6 twisted Pair Patchcable?

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