Dirac Series

Dirac series

Looking at the DDRC-88D, what is the best way to feed a multichannel amp with SPDIF LPCM inputs? As I'm wondering if the Rotel EKB-D8100 would be a good match with the 88D.

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Which product for 7.2.4 Atmos set-up?

Anyone have experience implementing a Dirac solution for a 7.2.4 Atmos set-up?

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1. If I have the DDRC22D and then later on I need to change it to analog input and output. Can it be done by purchasing the optional analog in and out board and change it by myself? I do not see your Analog In...

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Bypass DDRC-22A

Is there a bypass function on the DDRC-22A? Is it a true latency free bypass...I would like to be able to switch it out easily for tracking etc.

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ddrc-22d 12V power supply possible?

Can the minidsp ddrc-22d be powered also by a 12 V power supply?

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If I buy the DDRC-22D and I do not like it, will I then be able to resell it complete with the license?

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Diraclive 2x4 for car audio

Is it possible to integrate the Diraclive 2x4 into a full active car stereo, before another processor like the 8ch MiniDSP. So the Diraclive unit would modify the full range left and right signal, then the 8...

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