Dirac Series

My DDRC-24 is not discovered.

There are 2 possible reasons for a DDRC-24 not being discovered under the "Device" list of Dirac Live Calibration Tools. - Make sure you install the USB driver under the "WinDRIVER" folder. Please check our lat...

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How to transfer my Dirac Platform to a new owner?

Transferring a Dirac license to a new user is very easy since the Dirac license is embedded inside the hardware. In other words, when you sell your unit (or acquire a "used" platform), a license transfer only i...

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Dirac live error during optimize step: "User not found in database"

This error could be coming from 2 reasons: REASON#1: Make sure you have a LIVE internet connection when you were optimizing? i.e. required by Dirac Live software. REASON#2: Somehow, the Dirac Live license go...

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