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looking to create (mono) roughly an 80ms DELAY for a 2 cluster speaker system in a hockey arena (near field cluster needs the delay for time alignment to the far field one). Once configured, this would be a per...

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Ears and Dirac

Right now on Dirac Live there are 3 options but they all are based on a room environment. Will you be updating dirac so that there is an option for the soon tk be released Ears? I already have an amp with a he...

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UMA8 and raw audio USB streaming

I'd like to use the UMA8 to stream the raw audio channels from the array microphones to a PC (Win 10) and to a Raspberry Pi 2. Just wanted to make sure teh UMA8 appears to the OS as a regular sound card (e...

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MacOS Midi Setup Settings

I just purchased an UMIK-1 and downloaded the calibration files. I looked at the SPL values and found them inconsistent. The reason was different settings in the "Audio MIDI Setup" on my Macbook, but ...

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Linking TWO 2 Minidsp 2x8 to drive a 7-way system

Hello, Can Two Minidsp 2x8 kit be linked (or one slaved to the other) to run a system which would have more than 10 channels If that's possible, how would one go about this? kind regards rakesh

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USB UMA-8 mic array

hi, Does UMA-8 microphone has the compatibility with rasberry pie running on windows 10 iot core platform. Does UMA-8 consist the universal drivers which are compatible with windows 10 iot core. Waiting for yo...

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Is there a Dirac Live upgrade for the NanoAVR-HDA?

I'm looking for something like the nanoAVR HDA that would also include Dirac Live. Is there anything like this? Thanks, Adrian

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Hello, Prepairing a project of digital filtering a big 4 band speakers I'm interested in minidsp prods.. My english is basically ok but finding french speaking helpers will be great!!! Thanks in advan...

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Xover Roundrip with an AV Receiver

I am making my own 3-way speakers and want to use them with a current 9 channel AV Receiver (Marantz 6012 or similar). That is use the signals from the receiver, send them to the DSP for crossover splitting, an...

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USB Audio streaming

Audio Output Connectivity USB Audio streaming: USB audio 4ch How to use USB output? It has one USB port. I want use usb input and output.

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