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Mac or PC

Would like to know which I should use to program my miniDSP 2x4 HD, my Mac or my PC? Which one is easier and/or more intuitive to use? Thank You

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Product suggestion

Would you ever consider a three-way plate amp! I've been building speakers for over 40 years. While I am certainly pleased with your two-way model plate amps I could really use a three-way in some of my pr...

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MiniDsp vs USB Streamer

Which one will offer low latency if i perform crossover, amplitude and phase equalization ?

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Nano AVD pure digital?

Is the Nanoavr DL a purely digital stream or is there a D/A conversion happening inside. Is the HDMI audio signal considered analog or digital?

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Coupon code

I have a coupon code to use for my minidsp2x4 but I see in the drop down menu at lest 4 different plugins for the 2x4 witch is the one I must choose?

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Volume control with the MiniDSP HD

Can I operate the volume control without a remote control?

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I'm probably just being dense but it looks like the dsp outputs multiple signals that then need to be fed into one or more amps before going to the speakers. If I have two 2-way speakers I think the dsp ha...

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+30ms delay

Which units allow delay settings greater than 30ms? I want to time align my mains to by subs and I'll need at least 30ms.

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Hi, is it possible to get your software for linux or android? I have a rasperry pi ,so it was a good solution. Thanks.

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Dynamic Bass Reconstruction in Car

Hi there, I was hoping to Negate bass roll off from my factory head unit. The roll off occurs only beyond a certain volume threshold, and bass volume increase is throttled relative to Mid- and High- band (e...

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