Dirac Live General

Why can’t I change from “Sofa” to “Chair” (or vice versa)?

Once you have made one measurement, the listening environment is locked to the one chosen when the measurement was made. The only way to use a different listening environment is to start a new project.

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I purchased a used DDRC-24/DDRC-22/SHD/nanoAVR DL/DDRC-88A, how do I get the software / transfer the licence?

Transferring a Dirac license to a new user is very easy since the Dirac license is embedded inside the hardware. In other words, when you sell your unit (or acquire a "used" platform), a license transfer only i...

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Does the DDRC-24/DDRC-22/SHD/nanoAVR DL/DDRC-88A have Dirac Live 2.0?

No. We are currently beta testing Dirac Live 2.0 with selected products. However this is not a simple upgrade but a major architectural change in the way the software works, so it’s a time-consuming process. We...

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